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EXQUISITE EQUESTRIAN (EE): Morning Shadows Farm works exclusively with Lyn Zoellick, the proprietor of Exquisite Equestrian. Lyn is known as the "personal shopper for show barns". She provides the highest quality barn furnishings at the best value for many of the top AA show barns across country.  Design work is complimentary and products available include Phoenix West Tack Trunks, custom trunk covers, Walsh Halters, custom sheets, blankets, scrims, coolers and stable furnishings.  Lyn is continously using customer feedback to improve her product quality and offerings.  Exquisite Equestrian retains each trainer's supply preference list on file as well as each item ordered by individual customers.  

A list of Morning Shadows Farm items is on file with EE:

  • NEW CLIENTS/HORSES:  Walsh Halter, lead rope (See SS tack below for "everyday" barn sheets & blanket source)
  • SHOW REQUIREMENT LIST: Phoenix West Show Trunk, Trunk Cover, Monogrammed Show Sheet, MSF Schooling Pad
  • OPTIONAL ITEMS: Custom Show Scrim, Cooler and Dog Blankets. THESE MAKE GREAT GIFTS!

Please contact Lynn directly to place these orders.  Cell 208-870-2869 or
Referene Becky Warner/Morning Shadows Farm.


Ogilvy Equestrian: Supplies under pads used by MSF.  "Ogilvy Equestrian products are the only choice for the horse’s and rider’s back. Memory Foam combined with Ogilvy Equestrian’s unique Friction Free system gives you and your horse the ultimate in comfort to maximize your performance." source:

Voltaire Saddlery: "Voltaire Design relies on the long French tradition of saddle making. But Voltaire Design is also the first saddle maker to get help from the fashion industry in the designing of our product. Voltaire Design is also the first-environmentally friendly saddler."source:

Walsh Harness & Saddlery: The go to source for all of MSF Halters due to the durable construction and high quality leather used for each piece. 




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